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Kabuni celebrates “Stake a Future” launch with 10,000 Steamboat Willie-inspired NFTs

London, United Kingdom, January 17th, 2024, Chainwire

Kabuni’s Steamboat Willie-inspired non-fungible tokens (NFTs) go beyond digital assets, they are integral to Kabuni’s mission of unlocking human potential through technology and driving positive change.

Holders of these NFTs gain an exclusive path to the chance of earning Kabuni COIN (KBC), embodying the spirit of innovation, these NFTs also grant holders voting rights to influence Kabuni’s future direction, symbolizing the team commitment to integrating community participation and technological advancement. The Kabuni ChangeMaker NFT transcends traditional digital asset boundaries, seamlessly merging value from the digital realm to the physical and back again, as we grow and Stake a Future across the globe.

What is “Stake a Future”?

Kabuni is redefining crowdfunding in the Web3 era with an innovative approach that concentrates on projects with significant impacts in key sectors. The Kabuni model uniquely intertwines contribution with reward, supporting promising ventures while offering tangible benefits to those who invest in these impactful projects.

A tribute to innovation: The Steamboat Willie-Inspired ChangeMaker NFT

“Our journey began six years ago with a vision to unlock the design potential in every human being and elevate life. The ChangeMaker NFT program draws inspiration from Steamboat Willie, from humble roots to global icon changing the world,” states Nimesh Patel, CEO of Kabuni.

The launch today signifies a pivotal evolution in digital asset innovation and marks Kabuni’s expansion beyond revolutionising K-12 education sector into venture building, cryptocurrency exchange, and finance applications. These new ventures are in alignment with Kabuni’s mission, demonstrating the company’s commitment to broadening its impact across various sectors.

Exclusive benefits for ChangeMaker NFT holders

  • Monthly Draws: Chance to win $1000 in KBC every month for a year.
  • Governance Participation: As Kabuni grows, NFT holders can vote on the company’s direction, playing a pivotal role in its development.
  • Exclusive Access and Opportunities: Owning an NFT opens doors to unique experiences and advantages within the Kabuni ecosystem.
  • Stake A Future: Holders will be part of Kabuni’s “Stake A Future” initiatives from the outset, experiencing these ventures before others.
  • A Journey of Growth: The holder’s progression from Affiliate to Ambassador within Kabuni reflects the transformative journey akin to that of Steamboat Willie, symbolizing growth and evolution.

Joining the ChangeMaker NFT Movement: The Process of Minting Event Tickets

  • Stake and Save: Interested parties should visit Coinstore and stake KBC and participate in the inaugural “Stake A Future” program by staking KBC tokens.
  • Mint NFT Ticket: After completing the required quests, users need to add their Coinstore UID to the Kabuni Airlyft campaign. This will allow them to mint their unique Backpack NFT ticket.
  • Engage with the Community: Users can connect with Kabuni on Discord, Twitter, and other platforms for the latest updates and community interaction.

“Transforming asset exchange and redefining finance, we’re creating a transparent, ethical, and accessible ecosystem. We are pleased to be part of reshaping the future of digital finance with Kabuni.” says Shawn Koh, Regional Manager of Coinstore.

Users can join Kabuni on this exhilarating journey as it strides towards a future where technology and humanity unite for the greater good.

In anticipation of Kabuni’s ChangeMaker NFT launch on February 14th, users today have the opportunity to mint one of the 10,000 available tickets. These tickets not only secure a place for users at the launch but also determine the price they will pay for the ChangeMaker NFT – the smaller the ticket number, the less the user pays.

About Kabuni 

At Kabuni, our focus is on cultivating four key pillars: education, venture building, cryptocurrency exchange, and finance applications. Each of these sectors plays a crucial role in delivering our ‘why’ — to unlock the design potential in every human being and elevate life. Our approach is to create a scalable framework that balances conscientious profit with the elevation of people and the betterment of our planet. This vision is driven by a unique blend of emerging technology and a commitment to safety by design, ensuring that as we grow, we do so responsibly and with a positive impact on the world.



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