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Polygon, Render Token price prediction as Everlodge reshape real estate with tokenization

  • RNDR climbs steadily gaining 57% in the past month.
  • Polygon (MATIC) surges 21%, signalling a run for new yearly highs.
  • Everlodge reshapes real estate with fractional ownership, NFTs, and a dynamic ELDG token in its presale.

Render Token (RNDR) and Polygon (MATIC) are making waves with significant price movements. While RNDR experiences a surge and hints at potential highs, MATIC sees a seismic shift aiming for new yearly records.

Meanwhile, Everlodge is disrupting the real estate sector with tokenization and a revolutionary presale. Let’s delve into the technicalities of these developments, exploring price movements, predictions, and the innovative approach of Everlodge.

RNDR’s steady ascent

Render Token (RNDR) has been steadily climbing the crypto charts, showcasing resilience amid market volatility. Over the past week, RNDR witnessed a consistent rise, adding over 16% to its portfolio. This trend becomes more significant when looking at the cumulative gain of over 57% in the past month.

RNDR faced a brief consolidation phase, trading between $1.844 and $2.189. Bulls, however, gained power, breaking the price out of this range. Despite a short-lived rally with rejection at $2.542, RNDR has maintained stability, trading between $2.189 as support and $2.542 as resistance for approximately three weeks.

Render Token (RNDR) price prediction

RNDR has traded in a rising channel pattern since mid-September, showcasing a robust bullish sentiment.

RNDR price chart


Technical indicators, such as the 50-day EMA acting as dynamic support, hint at the potential for massive price action in the near future.

With the Relative Strength Index (RSI) staying above the mid-point and bullish convergence in averages, indications point towards continued value appreciation. If the bulls maintain momentum, RNDR might aim to reclaim its all-time high of $8.76 in the first quarter of 2024, potentially testing $6 by December 31st, 2023.

MATIC price: bulls charge for new highs

Polygon (MATIC) is on the verge of a breakthrough, soaring over 21% in early trading hours. The protocol’s bulls are aggressively pushing for new yearly highs, signalling readiness to surpass the crucial $0.9 price level. The recent surge is supported by a 179% jump in trading volume over the past 24 hours, reaching $2,145,624,558.

Polygon price prediction: analyst insights

Top market analyst Ali Martinez suggests that if MATIC surges above the $0.96 price point, a rally to $1.73 is likely before a breather. The analyst’s charts and projections highlight the potential for significant price movements.

However, the exact timeline for this rally remains uncertain, and investors are advised to stay vigilant.

Everlodge revolutionizing real estate investment

Everlodge is making headlines with its innovative approach to real estate investment. The platform combines fractional vacation home ownership with timeshare and NFT technology, introducing a groundbreaking property marketplace on the blockchain.

Currently in the beta stage of its presale, Everlodge is set to redefine how users co-own and invest in hotels, vacation homes, and luxury villas.

Everlodge Token (ELDG)

The ELDG token is central to Everlodge’s ecosystem, offering holders various benefits. These include discounts on property purchases, utility within the Everlodge platform, and rewards akin to timeshares, such as free nightly stays.

Staking ELDG tokens provide users with a fixed monthly interest, creating avenues for passive income.

Everlodge’s ELDG token operates on the Ethereum chain, with an initial price of $0.01 and a total fixed supply of 800,000,000. Notably, the project implements a dynamic pricing model, expecting a 280% price increase during the presale stage and a 30x rally on the launch day. The team has taken measures such as locking team tokens for 2 years and an 8-year liquidity pool lock to ensure transparency and prevent rug-pulls.


In a crypto landscape marked by innovation and volatility, RNDR and MATIC’s price movements signify potential shifts in the market. Meanwhile, Everlodge’s disruptive model in real estate adds a new dimension to blockchain applications.

As these cryptocurrencies chart their way, the above market predictions and analysis could help crypto investors and enthusiasts alike identify investment opportunities heading into 2024.

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