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New Team Members and Strategic Investment Infusion Highlight Project Activity at NFT Inspect

As the Internet’s go-to web-based app and browser extension for insights, information and one-click interactivity on everything Web3, NFT Inspect has been quite active in recent weeks and has just posted several key announcements. Besides adding two new Community Council members to its board, the team got a new investment and collaboration partner that will help turbocharge Inspect’s operations and expand into new activities and areas of significance for NFTs and Web3.

The first addition to the Community Council is @Elenaaeth – a recognized figure in the Web3 news and reporting spaces. Elena has extensive knowledge of analyzing communities and projects, making her a perfect fit to further improve NFT Inspect’s tools and cement the service as an essential resource for the entire Web3 ecosystem.

The second new Council member is @waleswoosh, a researcher in residence and a Web3 expert by every measure.

Together, NFT Inspect and its new Community Council members will continue their efforts in the areas of outreach, research, education, reporting and analysis, helping to tie loose ends and bring measurable value and insights to others operating in the fascinating and rapidly evolving Web3 and NFT collection, investment, and development spaces.

Now more resolute than ever, NFT Inspect is back in action, and the project team will continue with its original mission – to create a more decentralized and collaborative future for Web3 applications, services, creators, brands and consumers. Building on its long-running success as an important tool for investors and enthusiasts alike who want fresh insights, news on trends, actionable data, and access to new opportunities, NFT Inspect is sure to further expand its 100,000+ user base across platforms and channels as it steadily becomes a central hub of activity for NFT communities by facilitating cryptocurrency and NFT interest and adoption.

The NFT Inspect team, as well as its strategic investors and new Community Council Members, have a wealth of experience in the blockchain and Web3 spaces. They are all exceptionally equipped to lead new teams and initiatives as Inspect integrates new resources into its ecosystem and continues with community involvement and the buildout of Web3 and NFT research offerings.

NFT Inspect also announced that the Ghost Foundation has joined the project as an investor in NFT Inspect’s funding round. This investment will help solidify Inspect’s position in the constantly changing Web3 landscape and will allow the platform to leverage the Ghost Foundation’s vast resources and expertise.

As the investment and management arm of Ghost Kid DAO, a flourishing ecosystem of community members, applications, and services, the Ghost Foundation already has access to these rich resources. With a focus on building and expanding projects within the blockchain space via strategic guidance, investment, and access to resources, the Ghost Foundation is now on board with the NFT Inspect vision and both projects will collaboratively work to build a better NFT and Web3 future for all.

The institution-grade enterprises, platforms, and projects of the world are bringing about rapid change, value generation, benefits, and improvements across the board to key industry verticals that will have major impacts on life as we know it. 

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