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Pepe Whales Eyeing Pikamoon as the Next Big Thing in Meme Coins

Pepe Whales, investors who hold a significant amount of Pepe coin, are turning their attention to Pikamoon as the next promising meme-based cryptocurrency. With its unique features and growing community, Pikamoon is quickly gaining interest from investors seeking to capitalize on the success of meme coins. In this article, we explore the potential of Pikamoon and how it is catching the eye of Pepe whales.


Meme coins have taken the crypto world by storm, capturing the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. These cryptocurrencies, also known as “memecoins,” are based on internet memes and are typically popularized and promoted by influencers or major figures in the space, such as Elon Musk. While some may dismiss meme coins as lacking in seriousness, the potential for investors to score big with these tokens is very real. 

Two popular examples of meme coins are Pepe and Pikamoon. Pepe coin, launched in mid-April 2023, draws inspiration from Dogecoin’s impressive growth in 2020 and offers promising potential for growth and investment. Pikamoon, on the other hand, was launched in May 2023 and has a more unique proposition with its focus on the emerging GameFi and Play-to-Earn gaming sector, providing utility beyond just being a meme coin. Both coins have garnered attention from investors, particularly Pepe whales, who are now eyeing Pikamoon as the next big thing in meme coins.

The team backing the projects

Investing in Pepe coin carries a significant amount of risk. One of the main risks is that the coin is not directly linked to its creator, Matt Furie. This means that there is no guarantee of the token’s long-term viability or success, as the meme’s creator does not endorse or control the token. This lack of direct involvement can leave investors vulnerable to sudden changes in market sentiment or shifts in the overall cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, the lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency market can make investing in Pepe coin riskier than investing in traditional assets. The lack of regulatory oversight means that there is a higher likelihood of fraud, market manipulation, and other illicit activities that can negatively impact the value of the coin. As with any investment, investors should conduct thorough research and due diligence to fully understand the risks associated with investing in Pepe coin.

On the other hand, Pikamoon’s transparency about its developers and its plans for a decentralized app that utilizes the token adds an extra layer of security for investors. While investing in any cryptocurrency carries risks, Pikamoon’s clear roadmap and use cases may provide investors with more confidence in the token’s long-term potential.

On Chain Blockchain data show whales buying Pikamoon 

On-chain blockchain data reveals that Pepe whales are transferring their investments to Pikamoon’s presale. This trend could indicate that these investors are looking for the next big thing in the meme coin market and see potential in Pikamoon. The migration of Pepe whales’ investments to Pikamoon’s presale also suggests that they believe in the project’s fundamentals and its potential to deliver good returns.

It’s not surprising to see such a move, given the growing popularity of meme coins and the high returns they offer. However, it’s important to note that investing in meme coins, including Pikamoon, comes with risks. The crypto market is highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly, causing significant losses for investors. Therefore, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in any crypto asset, including meme coins like Pikamoon.


Pikamoon is a new meme coin that has gained significant attention from the crypto community. Its developers have indicated that the token will have a role in a decentralized app (dApp) that they are building, which will allow users to trade, swap and stake various cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Pikamoon. This added functionality not only adds value to the token, but also gives investors a sense of security knowing that there are multiple use cases for the token beyond just being a meme.

In contrast, Pepe coin, another popular meme coin, has faced criticism over centralization concerns and lack of utility. While some investors have seen massive returns from Pepe, others have been cautious due to the lack of transparency and risks involved with investing in a coin that isn’t linked to its founder, Matt.

Pepe whales, who hold large amounts of Pepe coin, have been observed moving investments to the Pikamoon presale. This shift in investment could be due to the potential for Pikamoon to provide greater utility and value through its game element, which combines both the meme aspect and functionality of a play-to-earn game. 

As with any investment, there are risks involved, but Pikamoon’s unique approach to combining the meme culture with a game element provides a potentially promising opportunity for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio. Only time will tell if Pikamoon will live up to its potential, but for now, it’s an exciting development in the world of meme coins.

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