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Axie Infinity (AXS) rises 15% amid Sky Mavis and Act Games partnership

  • Sky Mavis is the developer of the blockchain-based blockchain Axie Infinity.
  • The partnership brings Japanese Web2 games to Ronin Blockchain.
  • Axie Infinity’s track record positions Ronin as a significant player in the NFT space.

The native cryptocurrency of the popular blockchain-based game Axie Infinity, AXS, experienced a remarkable surge of 15% in its price today, closely tied to the recent announcement of a strategic partnership between Sky Mavis and Act Games.

The collaboration aims to integrate a series of well-known Japanese video game franchises into the Ronin blockchain, providing an exciting new avenue for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

Axie Infinity developer’s partnership with Act Games 

Axie Infinity’s developer, Sky Mavis, recently unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with the Korean gaming studio Act Games. The partnership signifies a significant step forward in the integration of Japanese gaming franchises onto the Ronin blockchain.

One of the first games to make its debut on this platform is the highly anticipated ‘Zoids Wild Arena,’ inspired by Tomy’s renowned anime series that first captivated audiences back in 1983 with its iconic plastic model figures.

The partnership also aims to combine Sky Mavis’ extensive expertise in web3 and NFT gaming with Act Games’ proficiency in expanding popular intellectual properties (IPs) to create an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players of all ages.

To encourage the migration of users to the Ronin blockchain, initial incentives including exclusive Zoids NFTs and token drops have been announced.

Notable growth of Axie Infinity’s AXS token

The recent surge in AXS token’s price by 15% reflects the excitement and confidence in the partnership’s potential to revolutionize the gaming landscape on the blockchain.

With Axie Infinity boasting impressive statistics such as $4.2 billion in NFT sales volume and millions of daily active users, the Ronin blockchain has emerged as a significant player in the NFT space, ranking just behind Ethereum in terms of NFT sales transactions.

Sky Mavis’ previous successful funding rounds, supported by prominent investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Binance, further underscore the industry’s confidence in their vision and products.

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