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With Sandbox and Decentraland looking Static, crypto investors are looking for other credible alternatives

The crypto winter has had a massive effect on several promising projects like Sandbox and Decentraland. However, there’s a crypto project that’s currently bracing the odds and performing exceedingly well – which is the Pikamoon project.


Sandbox and Decentraland are both blockchain-based projects with their own virtual worlds. They allow users to trade virtual lands and assets using their respective cryptos. These projects gained massive popularity and attention during the crypto boom that occurred between 2017-2018/

As enthusiasts and investors became so excited about the prospects of blockchain-based virtual worlds. However, after the initial success, both projects have experienced a fall in activity and value in recent years. 

These are linked to several factors which we’d examine and we’ll also recommend a credible alternative that’s making investors giddy.

Why Decentraland and Sandbox are experiencing a decline


Since the launch of Decentraland and Sandbox, several other blockchain-based virtual worlds have launched like the Pikamoon Adventure, CryptoVoxels, and Somnium Space. The increased competition has made it more difficult for Decentraland and Sandbox to attract new users.

Technical limitations

Maintaining and building a blockchain-based virtual world is quite a challenging and complex task. Both Decentraland and Sandbox have faced limitations and technical issues that have impacted their adoption and experience of the users.

User Engagement 

One of the biggest challenges virtual worlds are facing is keeping users engaged and active as time passes. Both Decentraland and Sandbox have faced criticism due to their limited content. Users also complained of a lack of user engagement features which have greatly impacted the platforms. 

In general, Decentraland and Sandbox were once seen as promising examples of blockchain-based games and virtual worlds; they have battled several limitations and challenges that may have led to their decline in popularity and value.

On the other hand, there’s a new crypto project – Pikamoon which has set the industry abuzz. From what we’ve seen so far, the project is the first choice for investors and has been able to correct the limitations plaguing both Decentraland and Sandbox. 

Here are some of the reasons why Pikamoon is the first choice of investors and why it’s a better alternative to Decentraland and Sandbox.


Pikamoon has gained massive momentum since the announcement of its presale with thousands expressing willingness to not just partake in the purchase of the token but also play the game. With a captivating storyline, amazing graphics and top-notch gameplay, users have started comparing the game to more established projects like Hogwarts legacy. 

With a large community of gamers and users on both the Ethereum and MultiversX blockchain, there’s every chance that Pikamoon may hit a million plus gamers in its first few months of launch. 

In order not to leave anybody out, the Pikamoon core team is also working on an offline and mobile version of the game which will also drive adoption. 

Significantly higher ROI

Since Pikamoon is a new project, it’ll offer greater and considerably higher ROI compared to other projects that have launched. This is even better for investors that can purchase the token during the ICO and presale. This is another incentive a lot of investors are banking on. 


Gamers on the Pikamoon Adventure platform will need to use the $Pika tokens to purchase items they’ll use while they explore the continent of Dreva. They need the $Pika tokens to mint NFTs, buy land, buy weapons, build armies, and more. This means there’ll be millions of users continuously trading the Pikamoon tokens on the marketplace. An increase in demand for the tokens is the attendant price rise which is what investors love. 


The Pikamoon core team is building a project that will last for several years and is leaving no stone unturned that it is the best. Hence, the Pikamoon token was built to be a cross-chain token which means it was built on both the Ethereum blockchain and MultiversX blockchain.

This gives the token the required security and ensures it’s perfectly scalable. This way, there are no fears that the game may suffer what its predecessors suffered. 

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