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IOTA 2.0 Thrives with a Thrilling New Project in Development

  • IOTA 2.0 is thriving with a thrilling new project in development.
  • The community eagerly anticipates the testnet debut, with significant advancements underway.

Following the shedding of 2.55% in the past day of when the IOTA 2.0 Testnet Launch reported by CNF, signaling a growing interest in the IOTA market. In the meantime, the current state of IOTAcore on GitHub shows that the developers are through with their task and can only proceed once it debuts on the testnet to the community.

One of the members of the community, a blockchain researcher, Collin Browns, emphasized in his recent tweet that IOTA 2.0 is not just surviving, it’s thriving, and Hans is at the helm of a thrilling new internal project.

He also added that GitHub commits may be scarce, but that’s because the team is laser-focused on this groundbreaking endeavor. So, sit back, relax, and trust Hans and the team.

According to CoinMarketCap data updates from today, IOTA reigns at a price of $0.172 with a surge of 2.68% in the past day and a slight decrease of 0.90% in the past week, as shown in the IOTA price chart below.

Grants and Ongoing Developments

In addition, IOTA 2.0 to the thriving IOTA with the promising new project in development. The most recent development from IOTA, as shared in their official blog, is that a new round of IOTA Grants has already been announced.

It consisted of 26 out of 99 applications receiving funding totaling $2,894,000. DeFi categories represented by the projects range from lending and NFT marketplaces to SocialFi and tooling.

This new project development seems to have contributed to the striving IOTA. In addition, the Grants Program remains dedicated to fostering innovation across various digital asset projects. Moving forward, updates will be done more frequently to keep things concise and timely, and the corner with EVM is only ‘Little Steps’ away from completion, ready to kick off as predicted in early CNF updates.

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