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Latin America’s Journey through Economic Shifts and Crypto Policies


  • Latin America witnesses transformative shifts in economic policies and crypto regulations, influencing regional financial  and crypto market.
  • Allegations surface implicating Paraguay’s National Power Administration in illicit Bitcoin mining operations, triggering internal and legal investigations.

Argentina recently marked a significant achievement as it recorded zero inflation in food and beverages during the third week of June. According to Econometrica, this development, the first in thirty years, signals a potential shift in the country’s economic approach under President Javier Milei.

As we have previously reported on Crypto News Flash and based on the data, gathered from a wide range of online stores, revealed stable prices across more than 8,000 products compared to the previous week. Despite this progress, Argentina continues to face one of the highest inflation rates globally, with an annual increase of 276.4%, underscoring ongoing economic challenges.

Central Bank of Bolivia Lifts Bitcoin Ban, Embraces Cryptocurrency Transactions

Last week in Crypto News Flash we commented on the advance of Bitcoin in Bolivia. The Central Bank of Bolivia has revoked its previous ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Resolution N°082/2024. This decision, announced recently, paves the way for financial institutions to engage in crypto transactions freely. 

The overturns Resolution N°144/2020, which had prohibited banks from facilitating crypto-related payments over concerns of anonymity and investment risks. Bolivia’s embrace of cripto assets reflects a broader trend towards integrating cryptocurrencies into national financial systems across Latin America.

Illegal Bitcoin Mining Allegations Surface in Paraguay’s National Power Administration

Paraguay’s National Power Administration (ANDE) is grappling with allegations involving its employees in illicit bitcoin mining activities. Reports indicate that seven ANDE engineers may have been complicit in setting up unauthorized bitcoin mining operations, leveraging state resources and illicit connections to siphon off unmetered electricity. 

ANDE President Felix Sosa has initiated an internal audit and referred the matter to national authorities for investigation. The incident underscores the challenges posed by unauthorized crypto activities and the need for robust regulatory oversight.

These developments highlight the changing realm of economic policies and crypto regulations in Latin America, impacting regional markets and molding future financial approaches. 

As countries like Argentina and Bolivia undergo economic reforms and technological advancements, the implications for broader financial stability and regulatory systems remain crucial in the region’s journey towards economic strength and digital transformation.

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